A Lord’s Supper Series for Grades 3-5

I created this lesson series to fulfill my Educational Design requirement for educator certification in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I focused on scripture and liturgy together, in the context of biblical miracle narratives.

The first lesson focuses on the Lord’s Supper in its Passover context. Lessons 2-6 incorporate the miracle narratives: The Wilderness Miracles in Exodus 15-16, The Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12), Feeding the Multitudes (Matt 14:13-21), Cast Your Nets in the Deep Waters (Luke 5:1-11 and The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). Students experienced the miracle narratives and learned the Words of Institution while handling the elements.

Each lesson in this series maintains a balance between The Lord’s Supper as a specific event, and the larger picture of Jesus’ life and ministry; between Bible study and activity based exploration.

I like Cynthia Campbell’s view that “Rightly understood, the Lord’s Supper is connected to Jesus’ entire ministry…and to the ministry to which each of us is called as Christ’s followers.” (Campbell, 2011, ix).

When the classes were finished the students were invited to “shadow” Elders as they served Communion. Students wore the Communion stoles and held the plates and chalices.

I welcome your feedback and inquiries!


Schlecter 1-COMMUNION Lesson plan

Schlecter 2-MANNA FROM HEAVEN-Exodus 16

Schlecter 3-CANA-John


Schlecter 5-CAST YOUR NETS-Luke

Schlecter 6-EMMAUS ROAD-Luke

Roberta Schlecter, CCE, Portland, OR

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