Is VBS to be part of your RE-ENTRY?

In 2020, being an “experienced” Vacation Bible School (VBS) staff or volunteer won’t automatically get you very far, at least not on the programmatic side. Nationally, Christian Educators are seeking out ‘bridge options’ to serve children and families during this between-time. They are choosing a creative mix of the virtual and the mundane. Some can be integrated into a unique, perhaps one-time (perhaps not) VBS venue. Examples include: creating short video clips via LOOM, a “daily bread dinner” story and cooking project, Godly Play sessions via Zoom, adapting an Easter “Ring-and-Run,” “Flat Jesus” narratives, or a Zoom game or art night.

Most VBS curriculum publishers have stepped forward to meet the challenge with resource material for a variety of venues: traditional, at-home, neighborhood and alternate. Add to this a series of adaptable programmatic models and we have a wide variety of inspired approaches. Take a good look at the following links and allow yourself, your volunteers and your families an appropriate amount of creative freedom.

Summer VBS new-old

  1. VBS Curriculum

BUILDING FAITH (Episcopal) VBS curriculum survey

BOLT” (Multi-denominational) New VBS Curriculum-from Christian

ADVENTIST MEDICAL SYSTEMS-unique, health related VBS curriculum

ILLUSTRATED MINISTRY (Ecumenical) curriculum

COKESBURY (United Methodist) gives permission to publicly share downloadable features on whatever platform the church uses. Here are their VBS choices.

GEN-ON MINISTRIES (Ecumenical) All God’s Children: The church family gathers for summer

PC(USA) MR ROGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD                                                                                Authors Shea Tuttle and Michael G. Long published books about the faith life of Mr. Rogers. Here is a link to their series of Youtube video clips.


  1. Advice for Staff

LIFEWAY (multi-denominational)  advice for staff

CONCORDIA SUPPLY (multi-denominational) advice for staff

ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN’S MINISTRY (Ecumenical) multiple resources


  1. Adaptable programmatic models- These ideas may have been tried a different time of year, but could be adapted for summer programming.

CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH-adaptable programmatic mode

BACK YARD KIDS’ CLUBS”-adaptable programmatic model

THE “VERY BEST DAY” DISCUSSION QUESTIONS—Episcopal adaptable programmatic model (Godly Play ‘feel’)

CHURCH TO GO” from BUILDING FAITH (Episcopal), via St. Cuthburths-Houston-adaptable programmatic model

VIDEOS-Holy Week-programmatic adaptable model

SACRED SPACE AT HOME” (Episcopal- Wendy Claire Barrie blog) adaptable model

BACKYARD SCAVENGER HUNT”-Building Faith (Episcopal) adaptable model


ZOOM GAMES (Laurie’s Little Monkeys) adaptable model

AT HOME VIDEO LESSONS” GROUP (multi-denominational) adaptable model


Schlechter photo  Roberta L’Esperance Schlechter CCE, Retired Christian Educator and Member of the Hope4CE Steering Committee, Portland OR

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