Spiritual Wellness Curriculum

The Spiritual Wellness Center Inc.

 Wyatt Irish Trinity Knot

The Spiritual Wellness Center Inc., is 501(c) 3 that was conceived through the research work for my Doctor of Educational Ministry Project. This study led me to conduct research on how a holistic spiritual care curriculum could engage the mind, heart, and soul of adults. The research concluded that adults could use a holistic approach to spiritual care which includes the mind, heart, and soul and explore ways to engage their triune being (mind, heart, and soul) for the discovery of purpose and meaning for life’s spiritual journey.

The curriculum is framed using Conceptualization, Personalization, and Utilization (CPU). In April 2014, this holistic learning concept was organized as The Spiritual Wellness Center, Inc. The Spiritual Wellness Center Inc. is a non-profit organization that customizes a curriculum for small groups in the local church, seminaries, other non-profit organizations, and businesses. The training curriculum proposes three pathways. The first pathway leads to building your context through a study of relevant frameworks like family systems theory.  The second one personalizes the context through a critical learning experience. Finally, the third pathway invites you to use your contexts as tools for discovering purpose and meaning, thereby setting attainable goals for your life journey. The pathways of the curriculum help individuals develop critical thinking habits which encourage individuals to reason, analyze, evaluate, make decisions, and solve problems as it relates to their education, careers, and life decisions.

Spiritual Wellness Curriculum Detailed Description

For more information about The Spiritual Wellness Center, or to schedule an introductory (CPU) learning experience send request to



Dr. Angela Boyd Wyatt

President and CEO

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