Living, Dying, Rising

Happy Easter Monday! This day after Easter has had various meanings and celebrations over the centuries. For many who serve in churches this day is a time to take a deep breath after the busyness of Holy Week. It is interesting that one of the many names for this day is Renewal Monday. It is within that spirit that this post emerged.

Maria Harris, religious educator and prophetess, talks about remembering why we are teaching the way of Jesus Christ. In Reshaping Religious Education: Conversations on Contemporary Practice, she reminds readers the basis for all Christian teaching has its roots in Peter’s first lesson in Acts 2. What we’re really about as educators is embodying the life, death, and resurrection of Christ in all of our educational ministries. This is not just about the content of what we teach and preach, but also the overall curriculum and mission of the church, not just during the holy days, but also during the ordinary times. So on this Renewal Monday, as you contemplate the events of these last weeks of Lent and Easter, I invite you to assess the educational work of your congregation, denomination, or church in the world, asking the questions that Harris poses: What is living? What is dying? What is rising?

As you contemplate these questions, they may bring to mind specific programs, models, situations, that you would want to share with the larger Hope4CE community. Feel free to do this via the Hope4CE Facebook group, by commenting on this post, or by using the contact form found on this website. May you have a blessed Renewal Monday!

Kathy Dawson, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Columbia Theological Seminary

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