FIG-Families In the Garden

Is your church searching for a family activity that moves slowly into an expanded social bubble while providing an opportunity for the congregation to begin to “regather” in person on your campus? Why not be a FIG and DIG?

family in the garden (003)
Children of God, of all ages, are looking for ways to connect beyond screens. Church activities have been fairly two dimensional in the last few months. Now, we are all ready to head outdoors and back to working together doing kingdom work with kingdom hands. Second Presbyterian Church is reviving one such project called FIG. The “Green Team” tends the Northside Community Garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the Northside Ministry’s Food Pantry. They collaborated with the Children’s Ministries Team to include members of all ages. Three years ago, a program called “FIG” began.
“FIG” is a collaborative partnership between the Community Garden and the Children’s Ministries program. It stands for Families in the Garden.

Pastor Chris in the garden (003)
The parable of the fig (Luke 21:29-33) gives us a marvelous moment to remember that summer will follow winter. Summer was always coming, but we need to “see for (our) selves.” The wonders of the world can remind us that the “Kingdom of God is near” even though it was always there. Being a FIG is a good way to re-enter into the face-to-face fellowship of congregational life.
How does the program work? Be a FIG and Come to DIG!
Community garden volunteers meet families on Wednesday nights in the summer and help them provide fruits and vegetables for the Northside Ministries Food Pantry. Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, they gather from 4:00 pm until dark. The program begins with a self-paced devotion that includes questions for all ages. Rest in the comfortable seating and know that “you’ve got mail.” The mailbox holds a short scripture and family devotion.

seating area FIG (003)

The devotion sheet’s back provides a list of tasks suggested for all ages from “smalls to talls.” (You will see two example files below of these devotional sheets.)
Each FIG has a chance to DIG:
Devotion time
I Wonder Questions
Good works

kids in the garden no faces (003)
What if it rains?
In case of rain, the Food Pantry welcomes families to restock shelves and load food or household items into clients’ vehicles for a no-touch act of service that is a virtual hug from God.
Here is a fun fact: it is a wasp that makes a fig tree bear fruit; it is a teeny tiny wasp. For that reason, you KNOW everyone is welcome in the Garden! Be a FIG and gather your Family In the Garden.

Psalm 46 FIG Devotion Sample File      Psalm 96 FIG Devotion Sample

Join Kat and Pastor Chris Henry on the HOPE4CE Facebook page for a Facebook Live on Wednesday, July 1, at 5:00 pm EDT from the Northside Ministries Community Garden.

Profile pic (002)  Kathryn, “Kat,” is the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries at Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis.  She collaborates across the church’s ministry areas to create programs with a “child-sized-bite” of the congregation’s service, formation, mission, and worship.  Contact Kat through the HOPE4CE facebook page for more information. She is also a member of the Hope4CE Steering Committee.

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