Pentecost in a Parcel (Bag or Box)

Pentecost is May 31st!  It is the birthday of the church and it is a day of great celebration.

Creative Flame Kids has a wonderful idea, “Pentecost in a Parcel”.

Pentecost in a Parcel

You may want to rename this “Pentecost in a Box” or “Pentecost in a Bag”. Mina Munns, Priest in Charge and Pioneer Minister – Parish Churches of Cresswell and Lynemouth, Church of England is the author of this particular version of this idea.

Visual and Hands-on Ideas- that might fit in your parcel, bag, or box in addition to the examples given in Mina Munns’ post linked above.

RED Pom-Poms (think cheerleader style), Balloons, Windmills/Pinwheels, Bubbles (bubble machine or bubble wand), Paper Doves, Ribbons, Mesh type fabric in RED – YELLOW – ORANGE,                                                                                                                Birthday Party for the Church

And with a little more preparation and materials…

Fire Sticks

Fire Sticks

Flying Dove Kite

Dove kite (002)

Here are a few other books and websites to check out as you plan for Pentecost.


The Day When God Made the Church  Rebekah McLeod Hutto (Paraclete Press)

The Day When God Made the Church

Things to Make and Do For Pentecost (Bridge Resources)

Things to Make and Do (002)


Websites and Internet Resources

Pentecost Planning – Facebook GroupYouth with flame kite

Worshipping With Children

Building Faith

Flame Creative Kids

Upper Room

Pentecost Litany



jenni bio pic   Jenni Whitford is a Certified Christian Educator in the PCUSA and Director for Children’s Ministry at Worthington Presbyterian Church (Columbus, Ohio), Member of Hope4CE Steering Committee


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