Spiritual Disciplines

Amidst the busy lifestyles we Christians often lead in society, I can’t help but wonder what it looks likes to have our faith formed and grow. Yes, we have Sunday School and worship, and maybe even a Bible Study coupled with a mission opportunity or two. Some of us may be chaperones on youth trips or church officers, but in the middle of that, where is the Holy Spirit forming us and molding us? Are we even attuned to it? Sometimes it happens when we don’t plan it — the Holy Spirit swoops in and humbles us with God’s grace surprising us in the least likely of places.

Call is a word that we use maybe too much day in and day out in our language as Christians. “Where is God calling you?” “Do you feel called here?” This word may mean different things to each of us. Perhaps before we even can begin to answer those questions, we need to calm the busy schedules of “being a disciple” that the church gives us and listen for God. I personally struggle with calming my life in order to listen to God, but I also recognize that often the still small voice that visits us in the quiet places is often overpowered with the demands of life.

This curriculum resource is entitled “Spiritual Disciplines.” It was adapted from The Thoughtful Christian studies on spiritual disciplines. There are four sessions that focus on what our personality traits are, the gifts God has given us, and how we might become more self-aware of those things in order to find a spiritual discipline that gives us life and growth. This resource engages multiple intelligences and helps people find a creativity in themselves they might not know they’ve had. I challenge you to join your class as you slow life down in the form of interactive spiritual disciplines so that God may be at work in our lives in a very real and transformative way.

Here is the file with lesson plans: Joyner spiritual_disciplines_sunday_school_class-2

Ridgley Beckett Joyner, Associate Pastor of Every Member in Ministry, Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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