The Experiment

We arrive at church for Sunday School early. While I assemble two large salads, my children set up for our feast. The scent of pizza wafts through the door ahead of the steaming boxes. People of all ages gather in a circle to share laughter, prayer, and grace. Tuesday Night Sunday School begins.

It started out as an experiment. Sunday School teachers were difficult to find. Parents were choosing between dropping children off for Sunday School and attending worship, as doing both seemed too time consuming. We wanted worship to be the family focus on Sundays.

Sunday School was banished from Sunday mornings, participation by parents or guardians insisted upon. Amidst skepticism from Church Council members, Tuesday Night Sunday School was born.

Steyer TNSS Picture 3

After sharing a meal, the lesson begins, perhaps involving a skit, a song or a short video. Always, we — families, singles, couples, and friends — learn together. Each lesson, planned during a monthly meeting of the TNSS Planning Team and taught by our Pastor, Planning Team members or guests, is based on the theme chosen during the summer. This allows us to tailor lessons to fit our group’s needs.

Some evenings lead us to the Sanctuary for a quieter lesson and another Meal. Sharing Communion among this tapestry of people is a reminder of how blessed we are to be part of God’s family. Many can’t make it to worship on Sundays, making these nights even more special for some.

We end each night as we started, in a circle, this time passing a blessing from person to person as we make a sign of the cross on their foreheads, “Child of God, Jesus loves you and so do I!”

Steyer TNSS Featured

It began as an experiment. Now, in our fifteenth year, we can call it a success.

Amanda Steyer, Tuesday Night Sunday School Planning Team,                                                        Our Savior Lutheran Church, Thomaston, CT

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