One thought on “The One Year Seminary

  1. Angela says:

    The One Year Seminary is a provocative thought and a plausible joint endeavor between Christian Education in the local church and Seminaries. The idea of seminaries joining efforts with the local church to mature Christian in their faith is a win win collaboration!

    First, this effort will not only strengthen ones spiritual journey and ministry, but it will also be a preperatory opportunity to provide seminaries with students who are ready on day one to enter seminary with a broader practical theological context.

    Second, this prepartory opportunity will expand the critical thought process to help seminarians “Ask Bigger Questions” of how their seminary experiences speak to their larger purpose and meaning through Jesus Christ.

    Finally, the multi-level boundaries that have been placed around how we teach Christianity are disintegrating, e.g., Presbyterian 1001 Worshipping Communities. Christianity is about living ones life through faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity permeates and breaks down all boundaries of learning and sharing Christ.


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