Lifelong Faith Journal

The Lifelong Faith journal is one of several initiatives of the LifelongFaith Associates organization directed by John Roberto, a prominent scholar of faith formation whose work was profiled by Hope4CE in a recent post. The journal, published quarterly, focuses on the faith formation of all ages, with the hope that ministry leaders might be better equipped to nurture the faith of those in their care in each moment of their lives.

Lifelong faith journal
Lifelong Faith offers a useful blend of current theory and research alongside practical tips and strategies for implementing its findings in the life of the faith community and in individual homes. I’ve come to appreciate the journal for its ability to succinctly and accessibly summarize key faith formation theories for professional ministry leaders and lay leaders alike. Its work would be especially well-suited for use as study materials for Christian Education committees, Sunday School teaching teams, and others who are passionate about the church’s ministry of faith formation and nurture.
I am in the first year of my first ordained call as a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA), in a position which, among other things, is responsible for resourcing the congregation’s educational ministries across the lifespan. “Is the traditional Sunday School model still successful?” “How do we take our Family Ministry programming to the next level?” “What sorts of activities best lend themselves to building intergenerational relationships?” “What are our current needs, and what’s next for St. Giles?” As I join in the work of our committees and volunteer educators to begin digging into these and other important questions, I find myself in particular need of resources that allow contemporary theory and practice to be easily accessible and relatable for our context. It’s both relieving and energizing to know that contributors to the Lifelong Faith journal are exploring these same sorts of questions.
LifelongFaith Associates has committed to offering the Lifelong Faith journal for free, making this an invaluable resource for faith communities of all sizes and budgets. The organization announces each new issue to members of its mailing list. Consider signing up!
For more information and to access the journal, visit the Lifelong Faith Associates website.

Rev. TJ Remaley (M.Div; M.A.C.E.)
Associate Pastor for Family Ministry & Discipleship
St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

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