Faith Forming Ecosystem

John Roberto is a well-known voice in the area of faith formation.JohnRoberto-450 His book and initiative, Faith Formation 2020 has touched the lives of many. He has inspired churches to think beyond their current membership to those who may not even be aware of what they might be hungering for spiritually.

In other work he has focused on faith formation across the spectrum of ages and the gift of intergenerational learning. Roberto has explored technology and launched many web initiatives similar to our own that address what it means to have vibrant faith, to do faith formation, and to be ecumenical in our sharing. His impact reaches far beyond the Roman Catholic Church that he calls home.

Earlier this week John Roberto began a series of blogs bringing together these various enterprises of which he’s been a part. He’s calling it creating a faith forming ecosystem. In this first linked post, he lays out the various components of this ecosystem and promises five more posts in the series delving into each of these components. It should definitely be food for thought for those in educational ministry to consider how these might play out in individual congregations, but also in collaborative groups like this one.

Kathy Dawson, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Columbia Theological Seminary

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