Intergenerational Ministries Free Resources

GenOn Ministries smallGenOn Ministries’ (formerly known as The LOGOS Ministry) fifty year history has produced many excellent resources and training events to equip church leaders in developing young disciples. GenOn provides resources to lay a firm foundation for faith formation which includes an intentional evaluation and planning tool as well as curriculum for ordered, cumulative learning. GenOn’s primary training event, the LOGOS Encounter, emphasizes three key practices in effective ministry (The theology and practice of Christian Relationships, a Balanced Ministry approach to spiritually nurture the whole person, and a scriptural, prayerful Process of Call to identify volunteers to serve). Many free resources or samples of resources are available on GenOn Ministries’ website:

Children and Youth Ministry Effectiveness Models: Uses 23 factors to evaluate how purposeful, practical, and impactful the church’s current ministry is with young people. Creates a current “snapshot” through a group discussion process followed by identification of priorities of challenges to address and strengths to build on. Free downloadable documents of the effectiveness models and a video explanation of the resources are available on the website.

Faith for Life Bible Study Curriculum: Undated and “permanent” closely graded curriculum seeks to provide a solid foundation of Bible study in order to supplement, support, and strengthen the experiences children and youth have in midweek ministry, Sunday morning classes, congregational worship, and other important programs of Christian nurture. Such Bible study is not an end in itself; it should lead to increased commitment for disciples of Jesus Christ. A complete Scope and Sequence and sample lesson for each grade (“courses”) 1-8 are available on the website.

Podcasts: Listen to a variety of free podcasts that include “Seeking Peace in Your Sunday School Classroom” (practical discipline methods in the church setting), “Identifying Needs and Calling Volunteers” (finding volunteers), “Worship Skills Ideas and Options” (ways to involve children and youth in worship leadership), and “Intergenerational Faith Formation” (GenOn’s approach to intergenerational ministry).

LOGOS Encounter: One day training that can be brought to your church. Teaches the 3 Key Practices of effective ministry, best practices for weekly LOGOS, and new ideas and resources. Free Introduction to LOGOS workshop available by request at

Liz Perraud, Executive Director, GenOn Ministries

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