Climate Justice

Dana Waters is a current Masters of Divinity Student at Columbia Theological Seminary. He also serves in youth ministry. This lesson plan speaks to the conversation we are having in the Facebook group today on Christian Education beyond the walls of the church.


I created this lesson plan after I realized that everyone in my youth group had learned about climate change at school and many other places, but it had never been discussed at church– not even once. How could this be?

As Christians we are called to do justice and to love one another. This includes standing up for God’s creation and all the creatures that God has lovingly made. The focus of this lesson is to discuss why climate change matters for Christians.

Building on Psalm 148, we look at how God made everything in the world to praise God. If we destroy creation, we are taking away praise from God. We then look at a couple of short videos on climate change 101 and air pollution in China. My youth group had never seen what pollution in China really looks like. That was an especially powerful moment for them. Our churches can no longer stay silent on this issue. It is my hope that this lesson will start a much-needed conversation with the youth in your church.


G. Dana Waters, V

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