Digital Lenten Spiritual Discipline

These days, one of the most popular ways to connect with others via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) is by sharing meaningful photos. The Church has caught onto this trend with themed photo challenges. One of the most widely-known challenges is from the United Methodist Church’s With the rise in photo-sharing popularity, other organizations, denominations, and even individual congregations have created their own “photo challenges” for Lent and Advent. Each challenge usually assigns a word and Scripture passage to a day in the season, and tasks the participant with seeking out an image that fits the word. When shared, participants are encouraged to use the hashtags provided by the facilitating organization. When a participant clicks the hashtag (e.g. #pictureLent, #Lent2015), all hash-tagged posts appear together.

After using these challenges as spiritual disciplines the last two years, my co-pastor/spouse and I invited our congregation to participate with us this year through our church’s Facebook page, our Instagram accounts, and by following our unique hashtag (#fpccanadian). Like other spiritual disciplines, the photo projects beg us to pause, to read and meditate upon Scripture, and to be open to how the Spirit speaks to us throughout the day. This is an opportunity to try and capture the Spirit’s activity in our individual lives and our communal life in the body of Christ.

Here are some examples for this year:

Allen lent-2015-large-graphic

Allen ELCA_Lent

Allen lecfamily_Lent

Sydne Allen, MDiv

Co-pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Canadian, TX

2 thoughts on “Digital Lenten Spiritual Discipline

  1. Tracey Daniel says:

    Hello Kathy, What a wonderful resource you have given the church and I am so thankful! I am wondering if you have a suggestion about the Lenten Family Devotional resource that might help me. It is a great resource and I really like it- my problem is that when posting it online it is not in the correct order. I want our families to be able to use it and not be frustrated. Any suggestions of how to post it or tell people how to access it so that it makes sense? Thanks, Tracey

    Sent from my iPad


    • dockld says:

      Tracy If you have a color printer, print it out, then put the pages in order for online viewing and rescan with a copier or take to Kinkos… Another option would be to contact Tori Smit through the Facebook group and ask her to send a file for online viewing. Thank you for your affirmation of our initiative.


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